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Chickey Chik is a decentralized, Play-to-Earn NFT platform with a Vibrant gaming ecosystem. Earn SILK tokens by playing and use them to decide the future of the game!





We are building a new economic model that will allow self-sustaining and evolving “digital societies” to create value via minting, trading, and exchanging digital assets in the digital world and in the new metaverse.

Chickey Chik

Road Map

  • December


    • Complete game script
    • Token generation
    • Complete fundraise Round 1
  • 1th quarter


    1 st quarter
    • Website launch
    • Gamepay Metaverse NFT marketplace build
    • Inhouse referral system build
    • Gaming character design
    • Build community (25k followers in Telegram, Discord )
    • Pre-sale of Chickey CHIK NFT
    • Game development Targeting Phase I
    • Complete Smart contract Audit by Certik
    • Complete fundraise Round 2
  • 2th quarter


    2 nd quarter
    • Gaming character design Completion
    • Meta coins token vesting platform launch
    • NFT Marketplace launch
    • Launch phase 1 Game for alpha users (Development version)
    • Integration with Metacoins for token vesting, liquidity locking
    • Build community (50k followers on Telegram)
    • Complete fundraise Round 3
  • 3th quarter


    3 nd quarter
    • Launch GameFI (Staking of NFTs and Tokens)
    • NFT sale in Opensea / inhouse marketplace
    • IDO sale (Binance)
    • Listing in Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, Metacoins
    • Build community (75k followers on Telegram, Discord)
    • Chickey Chik Alpha game launch
    • Kickstart Everscale Integration
    • Complete fundraise Round 4
  • 4th quarter


    4 th quarter
    • Integration with Concordium chain for KYC as a service
    • Kickstart Multichain capabilities Everscale onboard Completion
    • Community to kick start next theme for Games to be launched in Gamepay
    • Shortlist Games to be launched in Gamepay
    • Kickstart the development of the next Games.
    • Chickey CHIK launch in local languages
    • Chickey Chik Full game launch
    • iOS and Android distribution
    • Kick start SILK chain development
    • Kick start DAO setup for SILK Build community (100k followers in Telegram, Discord)
    • Complete fundraise Round 5
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Gamepay raises $1.2m pre-seed for play-to-earn NFT games expansion

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SG blockchain Game firm scores $1.2m in pre-seed funding

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NFTs Join The Real-World Fight For Ukraine

Metaverse-based company Gamepay has launched an NFT marketplace for its first NFT and play-to-earn games project Chickey Chik and part of the proceeds from the NFT sale will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

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Daniel Dos Santos

Dos Santos

– CEO –
Selvakumar Esra


– CTO –
Christopher Clower


– COO / CFO –

Johnson (Tasha)

– Community Manager –


– Project Manager –


– Gaming Influencer  –
Daniel Dos Santos

Daniel Dos Santos

CEO, Chickey Chik
  • Currently CEO of Gamepay
  • Founder of blockchain labs in 2016 in Singapore.
  • Former advisor on Robot Cache Gaming Platform.
  • Former Investment Banker: Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, Barclays, and Renaissance Capital.
  • Advisor on numerous SPAC IPOs on Nasdaq.
Selvakumar Esra

Selvakumar Esra

CTO, Chickey Chik
  • Currently CTO of Gamepay
  • Senior Blockchain Architect.
  • Currently the VP of Technology Solutions Architect at DBS.
  • 20 years in technology leadership.
  • Former Head of Technology at Standard Chartered.
  • Former Technology Lead in JPMorgan.
  • Former Senior Software Developer in Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • Former Assistant VP at Citibank
Christopher Clower

Christopher Clower

COO / CFO, Chickey Chik
  • Built and sold his own company, achieving a 30x return in two years.
  • Sit on several boards of FinTech and Technology companies in SEA.
  • Former head of Merrill Lynch SEA.
  • Cumulative 25 years of Investment Banking career.
  • Currently a Director of Malacca Trust Pte Ltd that owns the largest asset management firm in Indonesia.

Natassia Johnson (Tasha)

Marketing Community Manager, Chickey Chik
  • Freelance writer for one of the largest media companies in Singapore
  • Writer and editor for BeSiargao a local magazine in the Philippines
  • Conference Manager for largest event Organizer globally
  • Marketing and Sales for Electric Bike Software in Switzerland


Project Manager, Chickey Chik
  • Investment Banking professional with over 20 years' experience in Capital Markets.
  • Has held positions in Risk, Product Control, Project Management and Finance.
  • His core strengths are in taking an analytical approach to problem solving with an in-depth understanding of Front-to-Back processes and technology infrastructure.

Sky Wee

Gaming Influencer, Chickey Chik
  • Better known by his online Alias, Sky Wee, is a Singapore-based Asian gaming influencer, entrepreneur, Facebook Streamer and internet celebrity..
  • He is the founder of a pro esport team named Almghty (AMT).
  • English-speaking Facebook streamer in south-East Asia and has a following over 1.3 Million on Facebook and over 300K on other channels.

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